The Devil's Minstrels: FUBAR

This film is by far the largest project The Devil's Minstrels have ever taken on - and the result is going to be EPIC!

It is slated for release soon. Behind the scenes the pre-work has already started for getting this film submitted to dozens of Film Festivals around the country, and possibly even a few overseas !

Technical Specs for the Film

  • +40 Minute Running Length
  • Filmed in native HD 1920 x 1080
  • A Cast of well over 20
  • Over 300Gb of Data Captured (Video / Audio)
    • Over 3,000 Separate Files
    • Over 30 minutes of Original DM Music via Film Score
  • Over 40 Scenes Filmed On-Location at Several Sites
  • Numerous Special FX - and yeah Carl blows up (again)
  • Over 43,000 edited film / audio layers ! -- ZOMG !


Well we really don't want to give too much away but let's just keep it simple by saying that the guys get caught up in Government Intrigue, Top-Secret Weaponry and International Terrorism all the while trying to win a music video submission contest; oh and there's something about a missing sex tape.

Click on a picture below to view it in a separate [tab] in higher resolution.



Note that our sister company Frickbat Films also has some additional shots of this film up on their project page under 'comedy' - (toward the bottom).